The Cryptid Keeper

The Cryptid Keeper


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Clivo and the Myth Blasters are back on the trail of the immortal cryptid in this conclusion to a monstrously funny middle-grade duology by Lija Fisher.
Life has gotten complicated for thirteen-year-old Clivo Wren. After taking up his deceased father’s mission to find the extraordinary creature whose blood grants everlasting life, Clivo is spending his summer not at camp or hanging out with his friends, but jetting all over the world tracking cryptids—while keeping his aunt Pearl in the dark about his dangerous adventures. At the same time, a shocking development unveils the truth about Clivo’s enemies, and the cryptids themselves are posing trouble at every turn. With the help of his crew of Myth Blasters, Clivo is going to need all of the tools, gadgets, and training he has to prevent the immortal cryptid from falling into the wrong hands—and to keep Aunt Pearl off the case.

Title:The Cryptid Keeper
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    The Cryptid Keeper, sequel to The Cryptid Catcher, is a fun, fast-paced adventure that kids will love! With an Indiana Jones-meets-CSI vibe, a group of young teens take on the “evil resistance,” w...

  • Erin Varley

    Just finished The Cryptid Keeper by @LijaFisher ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Please tell me there’s another Clivo adventure! This is such a fun, fast-paced adventure story with layers of family and friendship bui...

  • Cara

    This didn't flow as well for me as the first one did. It also didn't hold my attention as well. It was still a good story and I think the target audience will enjoy reading more about Clivo and the Bl...

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    My grandsons loved this book! It was well written with likeable characters. For any middle school age child with an interest in adventure and legendary creatures (such as Big Foot or the Loch Ness Mon...

  • Tod Guilford

    A fun cryptid adventure with plenty of surprises! I can wait for the next adventure with Clivo and the Blasters....